So Phresh Odor Control Cat Litter

So Phresh Odor Control Paper Pellet Cat Litter

Truth be told, our cat doesn’t really use a litter box, he actually goes outside to potty, it’s grand!  I do, however, litter train our puppies.  I wanted a litter that would be ok for puppies to use, in case ingested, but absorbent.  I had always heard of newspaper based litters but found some of the bigger brands to be more costly until I ran across So Phresh in my local Petco.

I love this stuff, found it a couple litters ago — was using horse pellet bedding but was way too dusty in the house.  The So Phresh Paper Pellet litter is very low dust, if at all.  Very good absorbency.  It’s not as convenient without clumping but I get comfort in knowing it won’t be too much issue if ingested, it won’t clump in the stomach and intestine causing a blockage.  This is also a great alternative to use after a declaw operation since it won’t stick to the fresh wounds.

A litter of 7 puppies can stink up the house pretty easily, sadly this litter doesn’t do the Odor Control it has labelled on the bag though.  I ended up adding Sweet PDZ, from the local farm supply store to the bottom of the pan before layering the litter on top.  This helped extremely well and will be a go to for my future box trained puppies.

The only other issue I see if the pellets of the litter, while they do breakdown, tend to get mixed through the clean pellets potentially making it difficult to scoop out soiled litter before the next full clean.

Overall, I’m going to continue using this litter for our puppies but I will be using a clumping litter for our cat when he does happen to use the indoor box.

I’d love to hear from people who use this litter with their cats, please comment below.

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  1. Kristina Cousins

    Well gonna to try this stuff. My cats have issues with other litters like hacking, breathing issues. So hope this works!

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