Dog Training - Calm Sit

Remain Calm!

If you’re like many people with pets, me included, we love to take their furry family member with us places.  Truth be told, a lot of places welcome well behaved pets.  Sometimes when we take our pets places they can get a little excited in an over stimulating atmosphere and we need them to settle down …

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Dog Training - Come

‘Come’ Command

One of the #1 requests I receive when people are inquiring about dog training is ‘Coming when called’.  It seems to always boil down that people are teaching the command incorrectly as well as unknowingly teaching their dog ‘not to come’. What you may be doing wrong: Calling your dog to you for punishment Calling …

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Clicker Training

Clicker training is definitely something that needs to be in every pet owner’s bag of tricks. Charging the Clicker — crucial first step to begin clicker training. This exercise basically teaches your dog to associate a click with getting a treat; no behavior required to earn the Click then Treat.  Though it’s best to not click/treat when your dog is doing …

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