Litter Training… your dog!

Yes, it can be taught!  This is a great idea for dog litters as well, it helps keep the mess and smell to a minimum as well as helps the pups get a jump start on house training.

If you’re wanting to train your puppy to use a litter box here are a few things you’ll need to get started:

dexter-624Set up your x-pen small enough so your puppy only has a sleeping area and a decent sized area where the litter pan will go.

If you’re using a potty training aid, like Nature’s Miracle House Breaking Potty Training Spray, give a generous squirt or 5 on the litter in the box.  Go ahead and place your pup in the box to allow them to sniff around.  They may not use it right away, that’s ok.  Give your pup food and water on a schedule so you’ll have some idea of when to expect a potty from your puppy.

You can call your pup over to the litter box from the outside of the pen as well.  The excitement may help them need to eliminate and they’ll be in the right place to do it.

Be sure to praise and love your puppy once they potty successfully in their box.  Now you can take your pup out to play but be sure to return your pup to its pen after play so they can potty again if needed.

Accidents will happen so having a good cleaner on hand is invaluable.  You want to make sure you have something that removes the smell so the pup won’t have an urge to potty over an existing scent previously left behind.

Once the pup has figured out the litter box and is using it consistently you should be able to let it roam in a larger area, like open up the laundry/mud room or kitchen, somewhere easy to clean in case accidents for a little while.  Once minimal to no accidents are happening the pup should be free to roam about the cabin.

Be sure to take into account, if you have a little bouncing baby boy puppy he will eventually learn to hike his leg as it is a learned behavior (I’ve had girls even learn to hike) so you’ll want to encourage the pup to eventually go outside to relieve himself.  Also, a cat and dog will not share the same litter box so be sure to have two different litter boxes if you have a cat as well.  Also best not to have them side by side.

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