Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer grooming? At this time we are offering basic bathes and nail trims but no clipping.
I feed my dog a raw diet, are you able to accommodate raw diets? We sure are! Please bring food preportioned, in ziplock baggies labeled with the pet’s name.
My pet requires medication, will that be a problem? Medications are no problem.
We do request that our guests on insulin be comfortable enough to eat in our care so insulin may be administered as required.
My dog drinks non-stop when he gets home from boarding. Why is he so thirsty? This is not uncommon and nothing to cause alarm. The kennel can be busy and sometimes dogs get so distracted or excited they may forget to drink or pant a lot. We assure you, your pet has water to drink at all times.
Do you offer multiple pet discount? No, we do not. Our prices are very competitive for the area.
Can my pets stay in the same enclosure? Maximum of 2 cats per kitty cubby if altered, or same-sex.
Maximum of 2 dogs under 30lbs per kennel run if same-sex or altered. Larger dogs can be housed in a neighboring kennel run, and play together during playtime, but not in the same run for down-time or feeding.
Do you have breed restrictions? No, we have no breed restrictions but we do not accept human/dog reactive/aggressive dogs; these may be evaluated on a case by case basis.
Can I take a tour of your facility? No, we do not allow people inside our facility because occasionally we do have dogs that might bite people. We occassionally take on dogs who have been kicked out of other boarding facilities for behavior issues. These dogs are trying to settle into our routine and we want to keep things positive to give their families peace of mind when they need to leave their dog with us. To keep things calm and our insurance happy, we do not give tours. Everything can be seen easily from our perimeter fencing.
Can I bring my pet’s bedding? Due to our inability to wash bedding should it become soiled we no longer allow our clients to bring bedding. Should a pet require a blanke, we have blankets we can provide and of course we offer Kuranda cot beds for our doggy guests.
Do I need to bring bowls? Please do not bring bowls, we provide bowls & buckets. We can even provide slow feeder bowls if necessary. This makes it less for us to keep up with.
Can I bring toys for my pet? You may as long as the pet is not a resource guarder. We need to be able to remove the toy if necessary. We cannot promise it returns in the same condition. We are not responsible for lost/damaged toys.
Is someone on-site 24/7? While we live on-site there will be periods of time during the day when someone may not be on site but pets are monitored regularly and safely housed.
Please keep in mind that this is not a traditional boarding facility, our social-based environment is a service offered conjointly with our home and family. Reservations need to be made in advance. Drop off and pick up is always by appointment during our designated times.
We kindly ask that you do not drop in without calling and making an appointment. Arrivals for drop-off and pick-up outside of scheduled appointment time disrupt our day-to-day operations and creates undue stress on those in our care. There may be an accommodation fee assessed for arriving outside of set appointment times. Thank you!