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Digging Up Bones — Dealin’ with Diggin’ Dogs

If you’re like many homeowners out there with dogs, you’ve probably got a few holes in the yard dug by your 4-legged friend(s).  Dogs dig for many reasons, a few being boredom, hot, or trying to make the rabbit hole bigger.  The cold hard truth is that digging for dogs is a natural behavior even though an unacceptable one in the human run world they live in.  Here are a few tips and tricks to keep Fido from digging up your prized flower garden or to keep you from twisting your ankle walking out to the car.

Fill the hole with the dog’s own feces:

I know this sounds totally gross but it works!  When I’m cleaning up the yard I’ll pile some poo in certain areas I see holes where I don’t particularly want the dogs digging, like under fences.  You can throw a thin layer of dirt over it to decrease smell and visual of course.  Dogs generally don’t like to mess with their own waste so they’ll leave it alone.  Of course this doesn’t exactly work for poo eaters, that’s another blog story.

Designated digging area:photo credit: Vader dog via photopin (license)

Creating a designated digging area for dogs that just have to dig is a great way to avert the instinct to an area that it can do minimal damage.  Some people like to hide toys or treats in the digging area to entice the dog’s interest toward their own ‘sand’ box of play.  Some training might have to occur to let the dog understand digging can only happen in the assigned spot.

More Entertainment:

Some dogs dig out of boredom, there’s just not enough things to do in the backyard to keep them entertained.  If this is the case maybe an extra walk, more time indoors with their people, interactive games could be the answer.

Too Hot:

Some dogs like to dig to cool off!  The ground dirt is cooler than the surface so digging down creates a great place to escape the heat.  Our dogs have been known to do this.  If you find your dog is hot, bring them inside to cool off.  Our dogs also enjoy kiddy pools to splash around in.  There are also other alternatives out there that can supply relief from the scorching temperatures like the cooling beds, misting fans, & of course shade is always needed.

Please share your remedies for keeping your dog from digging up the yard in the comments.

photo credit: hunting crabs via photopin (license)
photo credit: Vader dog via photopin (license)

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