OUT! Training Pad Holder

If you’ve brought a puppy home in the last decade or so, you’ve struggled with the overwhelming array of all the different potty aids that have popped up on pet store shelves.  Once of the ones I see everywhere, and in constant use with new puppy owners, are the ‘puppy potty pads’ that have a cotton top for absorbing urine.  These pads may have an attractant already applied to aid in drawing a puppy to the spot to do his business and have a plastic backing to help keep the mess from reaching your floor.  However this absorbent material and plastic backing is not always being used to its potential because sometimes the pad becomes a play-thing.

These pads are pretty convenient though, ease of cleanup, as long as the pad hasn’t been shredded to pieces or wadded up and tinkled beside instead by a playful pooch.  A wadded up potty pad in the corner from a previous play session isn’t easily used by an impressionable puppy.  The OUT! Training Pad Holder allows you to secure the pad corners (21″x21″ or larger) to make it a little less enticing to play with.

I have used other variations of a puppy pad holder, such as the Iris Training Pad Holder, but I like the convenience of the OUT! Training Pad Holder’s ability to fold in half for storage, it does ‘lock’ when it’s open to prevent pinching.  It also has a lower profile, easier for smaller breeds to access the designated potty area.

The only real negative I’ve encountered is since it does fold up for storage it does have a seam down the middle if the pad does get pulled up and the puppy still uses the area to potty the liquid may end up on your floor below through the hinge.  This is a small negative if a pad is secured well in the corners and as a puppy gets more interested in other things, should leave the pad alone.

I will continue to use the OUT! Training Pad Holders on my following litters because it does help with cleanup time before they’re litter trained.

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