SmartyKat Catnip Mist

SmartyKat Catnip Mist

If you have a cat who is still o naturale, meaning still has claws, and still lives inside I’m sure your furniture would appreciate this stuff paired with a cat scratcher.  This spray keeps the mess of dried catnip out of the equation, great if you have carpet that it can get ground into.  Just give a little spritz where you want your cat’s interest and the kitty does the rest.

I do believe this is not exactly long lasting like the dried catnip though.  Where the dried can fall through cracks and stay the spray eventually evaporates and needs to be reapplied — probably best — daily.  That’s the one thing I do like about the dried catnip, it does last longer.

My cat was attracted to the scratcher I applied it to but I only saw him use it once then he became board once again.  It doesn’t bring out the general catnip behavior like dried does either.

I bought the trial size for under $1 at my local Walmart to try it out, feel it was my money’s worth to give it a try.  I do think I’ll stick with the dried catnip though since it does seem to last longer and we have wood floors I can just sweep.

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