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Nature’s Miracle House Breaking Potty Training Spray

Most of us have had to deal with the struggles of potty training a playful pup who is more interested in exploring his new yard then doing his business while you want nothing more than to go back inside.  Nature’s Miracle Potty Training Spray is made to help cut down on the waiting time for Spot to find the perfect ‘spot’ of grass to relieving himself.

It’s as easy as spraying a few pumps in the yard where you wish for your 4 legged friend to eliminate.  Come back to the same place every time you bring him out and apply a fresh mist on the area as a reminder.  The specially formulated spray leaves behind a familiar smell that attracts a dog in hope of urination in the designated, misted area.

Remember, always easier to keep a puppy focused on the task at hand by having in on a leash and not allowing play during his ‘duty business’ hours. Also remember to still praise your pup for a job well done even if you’re using the cheat code of the Potty Training Spray.

I found this spray on the shelf of our local Petco when I stopped in to get some litter.  I decided to give a try using our most recent litter of 7 Rat Terrier puppies as test subjects to try and litter train faster, as you can imagine 7 puppies can cause a lot of mess in a very short time.   We always start litter training around 4 weeks of age when we introduce the litter box into their play pen, I was looking for something to speed up the process of getting them more consistent with using the potty box.  I spritzed a few times on top of their litter and after a couple days of reapplying twice a day and putting their oopses in the box as well the whole litter was successfully using the box, making cleaning so much easier for me.

This item is probably mainly intended for outdoor use because it has an odor when freshly applied that reminds me of the doe urine my husband tricked me into taking a wiff of on a recent hunting trip.  It has a tendency to linger in the nose.  The smell will go away in a little while but not best to apply before company.

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