DreamBone Dino Chews

DreamBone Dino Chews

DreamBone is the next generation dog chew that has all the benefits of a rawhide chew, without the rawhide! Many veterinarians are concerned with the potential health risks associated with dogs consuming rawhide. DreamBone Dino chews, made with real chicken & peanut butter, provide your dog with needed chewing exercise and great taste. Independent studies show that DreamBone chews are highly digestible and tests demonstrate that nine out of 10 dogs prefer DreamBone chews over the leading rawhide chews.

I was looking for an edible chew that could be digested when ingested and ran across these when browsing the dog isle of Walmart.  I was originally looking at the Nylabones but made me uneasy since nylon is not edible.  I have a heavy chewing puppy here who needs something that will long longer than two chomps.

These dino chews are fantastic and a favorite of mine now.  They’re peanut butter flavored and seem to be very tasty within my varied crew.  I really like these for my dogs because they seem to last a bit longer than any of the other raw-hide free alternatives I have found.

I did find that Walmart.com was cheaper than my local store but showed it to the cashier when checking out and they easily adjusted the difference to reflect the lower price.  The only negative thing I’ve seen on this product is that some people think they might be overpriced, you get 7 chews in a bag for $8.89, $1.27 per chew.

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