fresh step hawaiian aloha litter

Fresh Step Aloha Cat Litter

Normally you get a whiff of a scented wax melt or something I’m cooking in the oven, I love to cook, but dang… if our old man decides he’s gotta go, he’s gonna go and the world is gonna know.  The litter box is located in the back room, the laundry/mud room, under our doggy bathtub situated in close proximity to the  door that enters our kitchen.  The whole kitchen ends up getting gassed by Archie’s poo.  He also sometimes overreaches and leaves his business unfinished, or maybe should say uncovered, which means it’s even stronger.  I’m constantly on the look out for a supper duty (no pun intended) cat litter that provides clumping for easier cleaning.

The Fresh Step Cat Litter, I’ve used in the past, it’s a great litter that offers minimal dust and good clumping ability.  The Aloha version definitely doesn’t disappoint.  The box claims 7 days odor free and it is delivering this promise which my house appreciates, I’ve made a point to see if the poo is even covered and even the non-covered doo doesn’t seem to linger like before and never made it to the kitchen like in the past.

For the price point of the Fresh Step Aloha Cat Litter, at $8.63 for the 14lb box, I am able to get 2 litter box changes out of it which is very nice.  I try to keep the litter box scooped out and a good layer is still left between major changes once a week.

My only real negative moment was locating the opening to pour the litter out of the box, it could have been more prominent and visible.

Overall both Archie, our Siamese, and our household like the Fresh Step Aloha Cat Litter and recommend this pleasant, summer scent to keep the unpleasant wafting aromas that escape the box at bay.

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.

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