Dog Grooming For Dummies

Dog Grooming For Dummies by Wiley

I don’t have a dog that requires a lot of grooming per say, anything past a good bath and brush out, but was interested in this book for further knowledge as maybe one day I’d like to supply grooming options to our boarding clients.  This book is by no means a way to replace a quality grooming education and hands on learning, or a professional but gives you a good basis of what to expect.  This book can also help if you’re interested in grooming your pooch at home and have the time to do so.

The amazon reviews of Wiley’s Dog Grooming for Dummies, some people were complaining that the book was lacking in some areas such as clipping.  It gives a good overall explanation of clipping but doesn’t show a clipping ‘guide’ per breed.  I like that it gives a run down on clipper blades with their clipping lengths.  The book also goes over the techniques for stripping a coat and a section for grooming and maintaining long-coats.  This book even devotes small sections in each chapter for grooming dogs for the show ring.

Poodles are the only breed that have gotten a specific mention, a chapter all their own in Chapter 14: Poodles: A Breed Apart.  The author claims the Poodle get it’s own section because it can be groomed in so many different ways.  I do like that the writer states that daily brushing is necessary to keep a Poodle’s curly coat from matting, as it is prone to do.  The chapter explains the suggested way of bathing to properly clipping the hair that’s been dried to stand up for an even clip.  The book illustrates 12 cutting patterns for the Poodle with step by step  instructions.

Another very helpful chapter is Chapter 15: Getting the Sticky and Stinky Stuff Out.  The book has many suggestions for the removal of everything from tar to glue from a pup’s coat.   The ‘smell’ removal gets interesting since the author states the professional odor removers and even the old remedy of tomato juice doesn’t perform against skunk spray.  I, for one, expected a shelf product to work, maybe something I need to review for later — just hopefully not skunk involved.  YUCK.  The book does offer another alternative recipe, which I’ve actually tried myself years ago, concocted from hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap with instructions on proper usage for the most success.

Grooming for Dummies has another section that is intended to help the reader understand what the dog’s coat is telling them about the internal health of their companion.  I like this chapter because some people don’t realize that you can tell a lot by a dog’s coat condition.

Overall this book is a great and easy read for someone looking to learn a bit more about grooming but it does not replace the teachings of a hands on professional even if it is to teach you how to groom properly at home.  I will keep it in my collection as a reference guide.

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.

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