ZiwiPeak Good-Dog Beef Jerky Dog Treats

ZiwiPeak ‘Daily-Dog’ Canned Cuisine is a premium pet food made from 100% natural, fresh, raw meat. The range has been formulated to meet the natural and instinctive nutritional needs of your dog – mirroring the diet it would enjoy in the wild.

ZiwiPeak Good-Dog Beef Jerky Dog Treats work on your dog’s digestion, energy, vitality, healthy coat and skin, reducing bad breath, stool volume and flatulence.

Key Benefits

  • ZiwiPeak is right for your pet at any stage of life or breed – from puppy to mature dog!
  • Grain-Free formula for easy digestion
  • With Parsley Flakes a natural breath-freshener.
  • Essential vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet
  • No preservatives, no colors, no added salt or sugar and no fillers
  • GMO-free, with no ethoxyquin, BHA or BHT and no propylene glycol

Our Thoughts…

These treats are flat and long, the downfall to these treats are they crumble way to easily.  This seems to be the problem most people are finding when you look up reviews.  May not be ideal for training treats.  Our dogs enjoyed the flavor and gobbled them up as a general treat.

If you’re looking for an everyday yummy to offer your dog and Fido doesn’t mind crumbs these would be ok.  For the money, I doubt I’ll purchase them again just because I like a treat that stays together more.

Received from Chewy.com in return for honest review, no compensation other than the product was given.

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