PupColor Collar

Pup Colors Identification Bands

With our upcoming litter, we need to place our order for these great puppy collars.  We’ve used these in the past on our Berger Picard litters, makes it so much easier to tell the pups apart since they all look alike in the beginning.

These colorful collars come in a pack of 12, all different colors.  They render the cumbersome ways breeders had to identify their litters before like using nail polish or ribbon obsolete.  PupColors Identification Bands are washable and one pack will grow with the puppies from newborn – up.  The thin profile make it work on any breed from top to giant breeds.  The Velcro collar is very easy to resize and it overlaps itself to prevent any excess from hanging to get caught up in anything.

The only problem I have found with these collars is they seem to only last one litter whether because they were chewed on by pups or they just didn’t clean up well enough for me to want to use on a second litter.  Occasionally pups can get them off with the help of their litter-mates.  Just be sure, when you put them on your puppies, to fit it with a finger width between collar and neck to help prevent wondering feet and mouths from getting tangled in them.  Make sure to check them daily because pups will grow fast and the collars will get tight quick if not watched.

They’re so versatile that they can be used on kittens as well and at $16.95 (US) you can’t afford not to order them.

Pup Color Collars are very light weight and a must for any puppy whelping kit.


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