The Doggie Lift

I saw this product when it was still in the funding/start-up stage and thought it was a wise concept.  The design comes from the mind of a practicing veterinarian.  This sling like body harness wraps around the dog to support them during suspension, hanging from the door frame.  The door brace fits at the top of the door frame, working similarly to the removable pull-up bars you see.

The Design

The lift straps connect to the door frame brace and have the ability to inch the dog up with clamps to a comfortable position for you to perform the needed procedure, these clamps allow for quick release as well.  Doggie Lift is promoted as being an extra set of ‘hands’ holding the dog still for cutting nails, brushing teeth, cleaning ears, injections and more.  I have used this for nails and I find it VERY helpful.

When I trim a dog’s nails on the grooming table, I have some that want to resist and I’m always worried they’re going to wiggle right of the table.  If they were to fall off the table they could injure themselves or even hang themselves with the grooming loop so anything that makes the task easier is worth it.

Doesn’t always work

Sadly even the best design doesn’t work for every dog.  I still have one, at least it’s only one now, that will hang there contently until I try to work on his nails and he’s then a fish out of water flopping around.  I’m not exactly sure how to describe his efforts to avoid nail trims but I always laugh because he just looks so funny flipping around.  The lift harness (nor nail trimming) hurts him so I just let him throw his hissy fit until he calms down but to this day we can’t get through a full a trim without a fight, still working on it.

Overall, I highly suggest this to anyone that has a few dogs to struggle through on nails.  It’s great to have that security that they can’t back off a table and feels like an extra set of hands.

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