Puppy Go Potty

Puppy Go Potty Natural Dog Litter

Product Description

Whether you have one four legged indoor companion or a bevy of bishon frises, this lightweight natural dog litter offers a convenient and comforting place for your dog to GO indoors. A great solution for small dog owners, ill or senior dogs, breeders, trainers, doggie daycares, rescues and more.

Key Benefits

  • Absorbs 4x its weight
  • Controls odor
  • Dust free
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Scent free
  • Sustainable, biodegradable and compostable

Our Review

I’ve always been skeptical about things that claim to make house breaking quicker.  This litter claims to be “scented to attract your dog – makes training easy!”  When I opened the bag and took a whiff, as I’ve done with some previous training systems, it did have a mild smell to it that was rather unpleasant but it quickly disappeared and was not a smell I kept smelling upon use.

I used the litter as a center attractant in a large rabbit litter tray lined with pine pellets for a litter of 5 Rat Terrier puppies. The litter box was lined with pine pellets and then an equal layer of the Puppy Go Potty litter was layered on top as a hopeful target.  Their dam has always had an issue with house breaking and I was hopeful this would attract her to use the litter pan.  After a week of use, I see no changes from straight pine pellets to using this litter with attractant.  Momma still uses the potty outside the litter pan and the puppies are still having equal accidents outside the pan.

The litter does get tracked out of the pan as most litters do.  I have found the puppies laying on top of it for a bed on occasion even though they have a perfectly good bed available to them.

I do like the fact that it is compostable as it makes dumping the box easier.  I don’t feel it adds or reduces odors as puppies are going to stink, regardless.  A freshly cleaned litter box with 50/50 pine pellets & Puppy Go Potty litter has no smell but a short time after use, the expected smell comes back, and this litter box is dumped daily.

This is not a product we’d recommend using, as it’s a waste of money if you’re looking for a simple, quick way to potty train.  You may have better luck with pee-pee pads with attractant.

Received from Chewy.com in return for honest review, no compensation other than the product was given.

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