Kennel Odor Eliminator (KOE)

Kennel Odor Eliminator, of KOE, is made by Thornell Corporation.  They claim their products are “The One That Works!”.  The company has been in business since 1980, originally established in Penfield, NY but have sense moved their headquarters to Smithville, MO.  Thornell Corp’s particular business revolves around producing odor elimination products.

The website says their products are safe for use on any surface or even directly on the animal, of course consult with your veterinarian before, we won’t be testing KOE on any animals.  A caution is shown on the page that it’s effectiveness is decreased when paired with Chlorine solutions.


  • Add 1/4 oz. to 1 gallon of cleaning solution or rinse water. Same dilution in water may be applied using a plastic lawn/garden type pump-up sprayer.
  • For high pressure wash add to detergent tank at the ratio of 1/2 oz. to 6 gal. (1 to 1536).
  • Ratios may be varied to suit the needs of the situation or pressure equipment.

Kennel Odor Eliminator is available in 2 concentrations, 128oz (makes 512 Gallons) or 16oz (makes 64 gallons).

We have a 9 run dog kennel that occasionally has some unpleasant odor that we wanted to try this product out on.  We’ve used Odoban in the past but I like the thought of skipping the rinse process as a time saver so wanted to give this highly talked about product a try.

I first used this product on our puppy pen that contains 5 small breed puppies, 5 weeks old, being litter trained.  They occasionally miss the box so needed something to clean up the smell associated with such.  I also used this product on our covered back porch that is made of concrete where some of the small dogs prefer to ‘go potty’ when it’s raining, again, I’d been previously using Odoban.

I mixed the product to the label’s specifications and proceeded to distribute in the areas, I did use a mop like contraption in the puppy area but I let it sit and air dry on the back porch.  I did notice visible bubbles like suds from soap but the company says no soap is used in the concentrated product.  Upon application a whiff of a pleasant aroma comes forward and quickly dissipates, the KOE’s scent does not linger long.  The back porch no longer smells of doggie odor and the only smell in the puppy room is of the clean pine pellets in the litter box.  We’ll be heading to the kennels for use next.

I’d say that I’m quite happy with this odor removal product.  I will be using it regularly as suggested and see how it holds up to my crew.  Next time we’ll be going for the Gallon to save a bit of money.

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