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Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter

We are giving the wood clumping cat litter from Okocat a try.  The light weight of this litter is amazing, when I first picked up the delivery box I thought they’d forgotten the litter because it was so light to pick up.

I pored it into the litter box, the litter bits itself is quite large, larger than I expected for a kitty litter.  Looking at other reviews of the product a few people have expressed this being a problem, combined with the weight of the granules, they tend to get tracked easier.  Some reviewers have said their cats won’t use it.  Our old man used it without a second look, I couldn’t get the top back on the box fast enough for him to mark his area. Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter, 18-lb box - Chewy.com

My boy easily used it for #1 and #2, I was pleasantly surprised at how easily the urine picked up with the scooper.  It was balled up and easy to remove but the extra large granules made it hard to sift out the unused portion of the litter.  Now if I can just get my boy to cover his poops.

Smell-wise, there is no extra fragrance, smells like wood pellets.  I’ve smelled no residual odor wafting from the litter box other than when first used for his daily-doo because he refuses to cover it up.

The box claims flush-able and compostable, I’d suggest just composting.  I like this feature because our local dump tends to make a big fuss about cat litter, not sure where else to put it without it making a mess.  I do feel like this litter won’t be on my weekly shopping list just because the price point seems a little high for me for something that my cat is using to pee and poo in.

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