Natural Balance Food Roll

Natural Balance Dog Food Roll – Duck & Turkey

Natural Balance Pet Food is mostly known for a kibble but they do offer other feeding options for your favorite furry companions.  Alongside their treats, canned and wet foods they also offer a food roll.  The Natural Balance dog food roll comes in 4 flavors that include Beef, Chicken, Lamb/Chicken & Duck/Turkey (the one we reviewed).

The sausage like casing for the roll contains a feeding guideline suggestion based on the size of roll you purchased since they have different diameters so make sure to read.  The packaging has little ticks to mark inches, making it easier to divide the rolls into the desired portions.  It also offers ‘full feed’ measurement, where this is the dog’s main diet, and a ‘with dry dog food’ option where it is fed together as an add-in.  These rolls are also great option for using as treats, though be aware they may crumble a bit easier since they are a tad bit on the dry side, unexpected when I first opened it.

I feel like the price point on this food option is decent, not too expensive, probably comes out somewhere around the higher quality brand canned food prices from the looks of it.  Not to mention that Natural Balance food rolls don’t contain corn, wheat, or soy which are found to be irritants for a lot of dogs, even leaves out artificial coloring.

The Natural Balance dog food roll states that it is convenient for travel though I found the packaging a bit hard to open, you’d need to have a pair of scissors, or just have a knife to successfully get into the food and then of course the knife to cut the roll to desired size.  Also, once opened it needs to be refrigerated which isn’t overly convenient on the road.  Though not much different than a can of dog food, at least the pop-top cans are easier to get into and serve, but still require refrigeration if not using it all.  I think I’ll stick to my dry kibble option for that purpose and use the rolls for treats or additives when home.

Overall, I do like this option to give our dogs a variety.

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