Wild Frontier by Nutro… continued…

So Mr. Idle has been on a mix of 2 cups dry + 1 can twice a day since August 5th.  He’s a 65-70lb Male Berger Picard.  He took right to this food, no loose stools or upset tummy.  Idle has no known allergies or intolerant so didn’t hesitate on giving this food a go but if your dog has allergies please look at ingredient list.  I found some things in the list that weren’t in the name (check our first two posts), but this also goes for any foods you’re trying.

Overall, he’s put weight on and skin/fur look great.  I chose the canned salmon to try to get some salmon oils in his system.  Salmon oils are good for skin and coats.  I’d of expected some Omega nutrients but nothing is listed within the can’s text to support any such content so it’s unknown if there are in fact any present.

I do like that this food includes organ meat but I’d like to know how much nutrients is preserved after the cooking process.  Anyone know? I’d be happy to post.

So far very happy with the outcome of this food, stay tuned for our final update as we finish up the month with Wild Frontier by Nutro.

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