Wellness TruFood Make it Fresh Beef, Sweet Potatoes & Carrots Recipe Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food

Wellness TruFood Make it Fresh Dog Food

In the vast, head-spinning world of dog food, we’ve all heard an argument for feeding raw foods to our furry buddies.  Some people think it’s too nasty, worried about the germ transfer as well as parasites while others are worried more about the hassle and keeping of raw, fresh foods.  Wellness TruFood Make it Fresh Dog Food offers a raw-like option, in multiple flavors, with better shelf life and storage possibility.  These bagged foods are freeze dried and brought back to life with the addition of water or broth. Wellness TruFood Prepared

We tried the beef, sweet potato & carrots formula.  It was recommended to take a cup of the product and a cup of liquid to rehydrate the food.  You can do more or less liquid depending on the texture you’re looking for.  Upon rehydration, with the given amounts a cup of freeze dried food makes a cup and a half of prepared food.

Taste testing…

My taste testers were our little 9 week old Rat Terrier puppies, boy did they dig right in.  I then gave a bowl to our 3yr old boy who gobbled it right up so I think it gets a 4 out of 4 paws here on at least palitability.  They even ate up the dried cranberries and dried bits.

As far as the ease of prepping, very simple, just mix and let sit for a couple minutes and it’s ready.  I like that I can offer the freshness but I may just leave it as an occassional treat like canned food.  A 1lb bag holds about 4 cups of freeze dried food at $12.29 a bag, it would just not be cost effiecent with our large pack to switch to this food when we do feed raw occassionally through hunting season.  We’ll stick with a good quality kibble on the off season because I feel it’s more affordable for us.

Wellness TruFood Testers
Wellness TruFood Taste Testers

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