Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak Grain-Free Natural Wetlands #3

A little behind on posting but Day 30, final day, of feeding Racheal Ray Nutrish Peak Grain-Free Natural Wetlands.

My overall impression is for the price ($41.98 for a 23lb bag) I’d expect a bit more but this is a high protein (30%) food, mid-high-range fat content (15%), it just seems middle of the road to me.  Like there are other options out there at a better price point.  I feel like the jacked up price is due to the celebrity name.

Personally, I’m a person who doesn’t normally buy things endorsed by celebrities because I feel like it’s a marketting ploy to get people to buy their product.

We have many mouths to feed and probably will not be buying this food ourselves in the future.  Our girl didn’t have any negative effects of course but really didn’t find anything of interest that would keep me feeding it over what I was at a better price.


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