Pet First Aid Kit

My handy pet first aid kit is always traveling with me and the critters, especially with unpredictable winter weather.  You never know when things might come in handy or necessary.  There are many first-aid kits you can purchase that are directed towards pets but if you’re like me I like to be frugal and make my own.  Here’s a few ideas and pointers for getting your kit together.

Pet First Aid Items

  • Gauze (pads and rolls), cotton swabs, and splints (wide Popsicle sticks work well)
  • Scissors & Tweezers
  • Hydrogen peroxide & rubbing alcohol
  • Ice Pack
  • Disposable gloves
  • Rectal thermometer, petroleum jelly, and rubbing alcohol (for taking temperatures, lubricating the thermometer, and cleaning after)
  • Sterile saline solution, I really like the spray kind, nice for cleaning cuts
  • Foil emergency blanket
  • Flashlight (& batteries!!)
  • Syringe – These come in handy for squirting water in mouths, cleaning out wounds etc.
  • Towels

Specialized supplies to also include…

  • Styptic powder (corn starch can be used in a pinch)
  • Nail Clippers
  • Emergency Numbers & Hotlines
  • Muzzle
  • Medical & Shot Records; I have a binder of information

If Applicable:

  • Prescription medications (needs to also be listed in Medical Records)
  • Glucose/Insulin if your pet is diabetic

A lot of the items could be similar in a human first aid kit so crossover is expected.

If you’d like to just purchase one Amazon has plenty of options.

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