Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor Remover Odor Neutralizing Formula

As we know, dogs can be curious creatures and get themselves into a heap of trouble. This trouble can then really affect us, and our senses.

Pooch tangle with the wrong ‘kitty’?

You’re probably searching for instant relief from the nose punching smell of a very unhappy skunk. It gets in your nose and stays there! Imagine what it would do to the rest of your house? How is Fido going to be allowed back in the house?

We had a rescue dog here who had tangled with a stink-weasel, and he brought it all with him. The kennels reaked! Left all windows and door open that day. We turned to amazon in search of something to help rid him of this horrid odor.

In our search we found a few items, one commonly suggested is Nature’s Miracle, readily available in many places. I had used the Stain and Odor removal years ago, had a pleasant smell. I used it for cleaning up accidents so figured the Skunk odor removal would be similar.

Sadly, I was wrong. The skunk odor removal had a VERY mild scent. I know you don’t want something that just covers the smell, but also gets rid of it. I had expected it to leave behind a pleasant smell. Rather it left a wetdog mixed with skunk smell. While the skunk smell wasn’t as rank as before it would still assault your nose if you were standing in his vaccinity.

I had let him soak for a little while before rensing, it’s very watery consistency so easily pored over, then lathered him up in dawn dishwashing detergent to try to strip the oils left behind from Mr. Skunk but still didn’t work how I expected.

The description does claim that Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor Remover isn’t a perfume cover up but that it “neutralizes” odor using Nature’s Bio-Enzymatic Odor-Lock that neutralize & eliminate odors. I’m not sure I buy into that because it didn’t eliminate anything and barely neutralized if it did.

I ended up bathing him a second time, using again the Nature’s Miracle Skunk odor removal, let him soak for even longer after doucing him in the product followed by dawn dishsoap to attempt a pleasant after scent. On pickup day, he still smelled skunky, nothing more I could do. I wouldn’t want him in my car. 🙁

I may try Skunk-Off next time, or maybe Angry Orange. Maybe just hope there isn’t a ‘next time’. Anyone found something that works, please suggest in the comments!

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