Kuranda Dog Bed (Standard)

The Kuranda Dog bed is a smart purchase!  They are often referred to as the ‘indestructible’ bed due to the fact no material edges are accessible for a dog to grab a hold of.  The strong material is secured in grooves along the inside of the frame giving a seamless appearance.

The corners of the bed are rounded so as to prevent the dog from successfully chewing corners.  They have different material types to choose from: Smooth Nylon, Outdoor Mesh, Textured Nylon, & Heavy Duty Vinyl.  The strongest option, good for diggers, is the Heavy Duty Vinyl.  The color selection is limited but has good base colors that should match most decor.

The material makes it easy to clean; hose off, wipe down and done!

We have destructive dogs who chew up bedding from time to time so we were wasting money on cheap blankets way too often.  Also, when a dog shreds their bedding there’s a chance they’ll ingest some material leaving potential for a blockage which is a major expense.  Also, the ease of disinfecting and cleaning was a major plus as well.

This company has great customer service and offers a limited guarantee against chewing/destruction.  We had a dog chew a leg cap and it was replaced in a quick time frame.

By ordering through the link below, they donate 5%to Warrior Canine Connection.


Kuranda Dog Beds


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