It’s Fall Ya’ll – Pumpkin Spice Everywhere!

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for FALL! I am already drinking my pumpkin spice coffee and wearing my fall colors. I saw on a Facebook group geared towards canine enrichment that someone made their pup a Pumpkin Spiced Kong. I wanted to share so you can get your pup in the fall spirit.

Start with a clean Kong, crush some of their kibble for the base. Mix some pumpkin and kibble to finish filling cavity. Top with a Pumpkin Spice Greenie and a tiny dollop of low fat whip cream! Top with a smidge of cinnamon.

Can freeze for a little more of a challenge 

Ah… the flavors of fall!

Other fall flavors to try…

Appawle crumble
– sugar/sweetener free apple sauce
– sugar/sweetener free plain yogurt
– thinly sliced apple
– crushed kibble
– a few blueberries

Peach pupbler
– 2 slices of peach
– sugar/sweetener free plain yogurt
– full kibble mixed in
– crushed kibble on top

Thanksgiving dinner
– boiled chicken
– mashed rice (to seem like mashed potatoes)
– kibble (for stuffing)
– peas
– a couple carrots

Frozen apple treats
– half an apple
– sugar/sweetener free applesauce
– liver treats
– sugar/sweetener free plain yogurt

Fall themes pupsicles
Variations of
– pure pumpkin
– sugar/sweetener free apple sauce
– sugar/sweetener free plain yogurt
– liver treats
– kibble

These great ‘recipes’ have been shared by @adventurewithphoebs on Instagram

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