dog wet nose

Dry Nose! Oh No!

dog wet nose

First thing’s first, don’t panic. A dog with a dry nose does not always mean he’s sick, this is just silly a myth.

FACT: A dog’s nose is wet on occasion due to the fact that some of their tear glands actually empty into their noses.

Reasons why your dog’s nose may be dry:

  • Dehydration – be sure your pooch has plenty of fresh water to drink.
  • Laying in the sun or spending time near heat source can dry out the membranes in the nose.
  • He just woke from a nap.  During naps your dog doesn’t lick his nose to promote moisture in the nasal area thus the nose will become dry.
  • May be having a reaction from use of plastic bowls.  The dryness of the nose can be an allergy symptom brought on by a reaction to the plastic they are being fed from.  It’s best to use stainless steel or ceramic bowls to eliminate this concern.

When to be concerned:

  • If your dog’s nose is flaking and peeling, they may have a sun burn.  This is especially common on light skinned dogs.  Good practice for light skinned dogs is apply baby sunscreen lotion to susceptible areas.
  • If your dog’s nose is running, check the discharge color.  The mucus running should be clear, just like ours.  If it’s a different color they may be starting to get sick, best to consult your veterinarian.
  • If your dog’s nose is starting to crack or appears to have scabs on it, best to consult your veterinarian to rule out an underlying health issue.
photo credit: Snickers via photopin (license)

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