Cold Weather Fun

photo credit: Fun in the snow, St. Gallen - Switzerland via photopin (license)
photo credit: Fun in the snow, St. Gallen – Switzerland via photopin (license)

With cold weather fast approaching we’ll probably start to spend more time indoors, meaning our pooches may get shorter walks and less tiring exercise than during the warmer months.  With all this sitting around, dogs can build up some energy that they need to expel before they tear up the couch of favorite pair of shoes out of boredom, not to mention they can pack on a few holiday pounds as well.

  • Some stores allow well behaved, leashed pets.  A great place for a walk and shopping with your furry companion while the temperatures are dropping outside.  Stores like Petsmart, Petco, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Tractor Supply etc allow pets, just make sure to call ahead to make sure your specific store does as I’ve heard some have stopped allowing pets.
  • Puzzle bowls & feeders offer a great mind stimulating alternative to dinner time instead of just tossing the kibble in a bowl.  Be aware of small pieces as some does may chew them up.  Also it’s easy to make your own puzzle feeder from a muffin tin and tennis balls!  Other great puzzle feeders are Kongs.
  • Tame game of fetch is great if you have a long hallway.  If you don’t have the long hallway, opt for indoor friendly toys you can toss into the next room for your dog to find and bring back.

    photo credit: Pixel via photopin (license)
    photo credit: Pixel via photopin (license)
  • Rotate toys.  If your dog is like most pampered pooches they have a slew of toys that they don’t, or can’t, play with all at once.  Hide some away and interchange weekly to offer a variety to keep him/her from getting bored of the same old toys.
  • Parlor Tricks are a great way to stimulate the mind and show off to friends.  Sometimes tiring the mind is better than tiring the body and the dog is learning something!  Great to practice in short bursts during commercial breaks!
  • Hide treats around the house for him/her to find.  Just make sure you remember where you hid them in case they don’t find them.  Also great to hide them under cups and inside old towels so they have to work a little bit.
  • Sign up for a training class, what better way to be motivated than signing you and your dog up for a training class during those cold months.

The possibilities for indoor activities are endless and remember, you can still bundle yourself and your dog up to take a romp in the snow from time to time.  Great cardio!

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