$5 Million Lawsuit Filed Against Rachael Ray’s ‘Nutrish’ Dog Food

So we did a 3 stage review of Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak Grain-Free Natural Wetlands for Chewy.com a few months ago.  While I’m not one to even look at celebrity endorsed pet food (or anything for that matter), I figured free dog food for a review, we’ll give it a try.  Nothing lost but some time.

Well, I fed this food for 30 days to our youngest Picard girl.  The only finding I really found over this course or time was our girl seemed to want to drink more water than usual.  Everything seems to have settled after going back to or normal food (Sportmix Wholesome Chicken & Rice).

I open up my facebook yesterday to find this link on one of my boards from the dogingtonpost.com.

$5 Million Lawsuit Filed Against Rachael Ray’s ‘Nutrish’ Dog Food

“Instead, the products contain the unnatural chemical glyphosate, a potent biocide and endocrine disruptor, with detrimental health effects that are still becoming known,” court documents claim.

“The exact source of glyphosate in the products is known only to Rachael Ray Nutrish and its suppliers,” the documents continue. “However, crops such as peas, soy, corn, beets and alfalfa are sprayed with the chemical in order to dry them and produce an earlier, more uniform harvest — a practice with no health benefits, meant only to increase yield.”


Kind of makes me wonder, if the excess drinking could have been caused by the above.  Either way, we won’t be feeding it again and it’s not something I’d recommend for previously stated reasons on top of the above, too many other ‘better stuff’ out there.

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