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  • Retriever Pet Retreat Portable Kennel, 4.5 ft x 4.5 ft x 5 ft

    We were looking for a new x-pen to raise our pups in and came across these, very nice, portable pens by Retriever. We purchased one because they were expandable and each hinge locked for more stability. The enclosure is a bit heavy but folds up neatly for easier transport, it came with straps to keep…

  • Hip Dysplasia Biomarker Study

    A potential spring forward in the evolution of canine health, the University of Missouri & OFA are performing a study looking for biomarkers that can predict Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD). Currently, Canine Hip Dysplasia can only be diagnosed through x-rays of hips in adult dogs. There is no way to gauge if a puppy may…

  • Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor Remover Odor Neutralizing Formula

    As we know, dogs can be curious creatures and get themselves into a heap of trouble. This trouble can then really affect us, and our senses. Pooch tangle with the wrong ‘kitty’? You’re probably searching for instant relief from the nose punching smell of a very unhappy skunk. It gets in your nose and stays…

  • Boredom Busters

    These cold winter months can be painful for all of us. We can’t get outside to play and our dogs are saying a big old “nope” at the front door. To keep away those winter-time blues, keep your pups’ brains active with some mental activities in limited space.