Existing Client Form

This form is for existing clients only. If you have not boarded with us in the past please fill out a New Client Form.

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Pick-up Date
Pick-up Time
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Emergency Name & Phone
Pet’s Name
Bite History
Veterinarian’s Name/Clinic
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Please list the expiration dates for vaccinations.

DHPP (Dog)/FVRCP (Cat)
Bordatella; aka: Kennel Cough (Dog)
Microchip ID#
Please bring food pre-portioned in ziplock baggies with pet’s name.
How does your pet eat?
Last fed?
Has your pet been ill in the past 30 days; displaying any unusual symptoms such as coughing, sneezing or upset stomach?

Are there any restrictions that need to be placed on your dog’s physical activities or movements?
Does your dog eat or chew on his bedding?

We strive to keep your pet healthy and happy while here, however, sometimes, even under the best of situations, animals have unforeseen health/emergency problems. Therefore we need you to read and sign the following statement:  I understand that if my pet requires immediate or emergency treatment while here, STERLING ACRES KENNEL LLC staff will make an attempt to contact me. If the staff is unable to contact me, I consent to any actions necessary in the judgment of a licensed veterinarian for life-saving procedures not to exceed $_________________. *If blank ‘unlimited’ is assumed.
Your form has been submitted. Please recognize that your reservation is not completed until you receive confirmation. You may email a copy of vaccinations to sterlingacreskennel@gmail.com, or bring a hard copy with you for verification at check-in.
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